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I'M SCIENCE. okay more accurately i'm the sticky page in the middle of your textbook where the kid who sold it to you used tried to press a leaf and blurred your reading on biochemistry forever.

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aliens, an abundance of puns, biology, brain problems, corsets, dog feet, dogs, electronics, elementary, excessive amounts of tape, fish, flavors of dogs, gender is a wobbly thing like electron orbitals, grievous consensual bodily harm, having a really weird moirallegiance, horrifying facts about the universe, jew stuff, joan watson, kinds of dogs, knitting, laughing at my own jokes, medicine, more puns, pets, plants, puns, red haired fbi agents, science fiction short stories, serious business goth clothes, silly goth clothes, the tails on dogs, the x files, things you can eat, trees, tube mammals, ya fantasy, yelling about things that are not ok

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